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With over 35 years experience, I am a highly skilled French Polisher, taking a huge amount of pride in the work that I produce for my clients. I have worked on thousands of pieces over the years and I am happy to undertake a wide variety of jobs, from the very small to the very large.

Within the realm of French Polishing I can offer the following:
• Remove scratches
• Clean and revive
• Bring a cherished family heirloom back to its former glory
• Strip and re-polish a piece to match an original finish
• Remove water or heat marks: coffee cup rings and cigarette burns
• Restore an antique or sentimental piece to its original condition
• Damage repair & touch-ups

The techniques I use vary depending on the piece and it is not only the wooden aspects of a piece that I can work on. I specialise in antique furniture and I can also restore and repair brass work and leather.

In the more general field of restoration and repair I can, for example:
• Re-set a loose joint on a chair
• Replace a cushion or leather-top on a chair or stool
• Repair car seats and renovate dashboards in vintage vehicles
• Re-leather desk tops and coffee, dining or boardroom tables
• Re-lay or replace loose or missing veneers

So whether you require a simple scratch repair on your favourite coffee table, you have a vintage car whose interior needs to match the paintwork you have lovingly restored or whether you need a quote for an insurance claim, I can provide the specialist skills required.
Antique chair
Chest of drawers
French Polishing is probably one of the oldest and most recognised traditions in furniture making, restoration and repairs.

French polishing became prominent in the 18th century. In the Victorian era, it was commonly used on mahogany and other expensive woods. It was considered the best finish for fine furniture and string instruments such as pianos, lutes and guitars.

The 'French Polish' is not a material itself, it is in fact, a process of applying a shellac polish. It is a wood finishing technique that can give not only a beautiful deep colour but also results in smooth finish and a high gloss surface. Whether it be a 17th century cabinet, your grandmother's favourite chair a granfather clock or even the dashboard of a vintage car, French Polish is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful ways to finish a piece of wood.

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